Is There a Salmonella Risk in your Cupboard?

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When I talk about smoothies, I mention the need to add some type of fiber to your concoction. I strongly recommend Saving Dinner’s Fibermender 2.0 product which is brand new, along with our new Perfect Paleo Protein, but I often say that if you don’t have access to our product, to use a couple tablespoons of chia seeds.

Chia seeds are a wonderful source of nutrition which I’ve written about before. But the FDA here in the US and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to our north, are both recalling several brands of chia which have been linked to a number of cases of salmonella poisoning.

As of this writing, 21 Americans and 34 Canadians have ended up with salmonella linked to the consumption of tainted chia! Yikes!

The FDA has reported a voluntary recall of Organic Traditions Sprouted Chia Seed Powder and Sprouted Chia/Flax Seed Powder. Find more details here in an FDA-issued press release.

Since that FDA release, however, a number of brands have also been recalled in the US including:

Navitas Naturals
Williams-Sonoma Omega 3 Smoothie Mixer
GreenSmoothieGirl Sprouted Ground TriOmega Superfood

The CFIA has recalled products which contain sprouted chia seeds and sprouted chia seed powder under the brands:

Organic Traditions
Back 2 the Garden
Intuitive Path SuperFoods
Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary
Pete’s Gluten Free
Noorish Superfoods

Check your chia seeds by doing a simple Google search to make sure it has not been recalled. Or even better, get yourself some Fibermender instead 🙂

We actually have a 10 Day Paleo Blitz going on right now which will really power up your smoothie making. When you purchase our Perfect Paleo Protein mix, we’re going to send you ten days of Paleo smoothie recipes (2 per day) and Paleo dinner recipes along with shopping lists! We’re also going to invite you to our private Facebook group where you will get all the support, encouragement and help you’ll need to be successful. Grab the details before the Blitz is over!

Leanne Ely, Your Dinner Diva

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