Thank You

Dear FlyLady,

I have fluttered on an off for years but picked the FlyLady system up again as I was getting close to the last child out of the house and realized that there was just too much “stuff” in here!  little by little I have been decluttering areas and following the daily missions.  Today as I was wiping down my front door, I realized that if it was not for you giving us that mission, I would have never “seen” the grime that was all over that door, and it does make me so much happier to know that it looks better!

Anyone can make the system work for them!  I usually take 5 different “15 minute” surges to do the daily missions on Sunday (I use the sneak preview) because it works better for me that way.  Then when the daily email comes, I can delete it knowing it is done or use 15 minutes to get it done.  In the past few months I have decluttered closets (donated enough clothes to clothe almost a small village), and other areas of things we just do not need. -OR LOVE, one of the things I kept asking myself as I was going through clothes was “Do I love this?”.  My knick-knacks are next!

My sink is shiny, I keep a dustrag nearby to just swipe for a minute or two as I am doing something else (or OMG- I will grab a dirty sock from the laundry basket after making the bed and quick dust the bedroom), and now my front door that I never really SAW before this- looks more inviting.  Nothing is perfect, but 15 minutes at a time, it is better!  Thank you for what you do!

A FlyBaby

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