I Fell Off the Wagon, Now What?

Dear House Fairy,

I have been a member for a while and unfortunately fell off the wagon. My girls have all asked when you are coming to visit again and that was my kick start to try again! You really did make it fun. I was wondering if you had any tips for me about writing a letter explaining the absence. I wanted it to sound like something you would write. Thank you for your time. You are truly a woman of joy and I aspire to be there one day!


It’s so easy to get back on the wagon! You could say something like this:

Dear Girls,

Well, you won’t believe where I have been! I have had a very long vacation in Fairyland. I took Sophie my butterfly with me and she had such fun too. Did you know there is a Root Beer Ocean in Fairyland? Yes, and we rented a boat and went out on it. When I got thirsty all I had to do was dip my cup into the root beer and drink. I even got to swim in it and the bubbles tickled!

Now about your room, I couldn’t leave a surprise this time, but I am hoping you will get it all cleaned up again, because I have some surprises I brought back from Fairyland and I can’t wait to be able to leave them in your room. Be sure to have your mom help you get all the winter clothes out of your drawers and closet so you have room for your summer clothes. Also if you put all the toys, books, clothes you no longer want into this box I left, when I come to inspect your room, I will take the box to children in Fairyland who need them.

I love you and I am so proud of how well you were keeping your room before I went on vacation.  I know you can do it again.  You are so good.

House Fairy

If you haven’t tried the House Fairy program you’re really missing out on the fun and even when you fall off the wagon, the House Fairy is always there to help you get back on.

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