Late Night Lace Ups

Dear FlyCrew,

Last night in southern Wisconsin, we were woke up at midnight with tornado warnings. As my husband and I took our cats and dog to the basement, I couldn’t quickly locate my lace up shoes because I had left them by the front door yesterday when I changed to my garden “mudders.” Not a big deal, I thought, I will just slip on my cozy slippers that are right here.

This morning watching a family who lost their roof last night on the news, I thought how inadequate my cozy slippers would be if I had escaped my house with only the clothes I was wearing. So, I decided for storm season that setting out my clothes for tomorrow includes having lace up shoes with a pair of socks with them right there by my bed, so I could even grab them in a tornado sighting.

A tornado warning (not a sighting, a warning) gives us Midwest FlyBabies plenty of time for the habit of dressing to lace up shoes (no make up LOL) and I for one don’t want to be on the news in my nightgown and comfy slippers!

Thanks for the habits and stressing the importance of tie up shoes.

A Wisconsin Flybaby

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