Random Request For Hospitality

Dear FlyLady,

I have been flying for 11 years, always with the same image in my head. Early on I read the testimonial about the woman who finally got it together and had a thermos of coffee and mugs available while there was an emergency on her block. And because the police saw her as an organized person, they asked to use her bathroom, and her bathroom was clean enough to share with the cops without embarrassment! Whenever I clean my bathrooms, I think of police needing to use them, and I’m happy to make them clean.

Anyway, today was the first time that a random need like that came my way, and I was ready! We are in the process of moving, I’ve been sick for a week, but this morning as usual I got up and did my routines. Mid morning the doorbell rang. It was a young lady who lives across the street, asking to use the phone as she’d locked herself out of her house. I was dressed and ready, the house was clean, the children were happy and busy, I knew where the phone books were, the phone was charged, and once we’d made the arrangements, I hit the button on my pre-coffee’d coffee pot, and offered her coffee with cream and homemade cookies. Then we sat down and had a nice visit while we waited. I didn’t realize till after she left that it was all because of FlyLady that I had everything necessary to help her without anything being out of place.

It may have taken 11 years but I finally got my random request for hospitality, and I was ready!

– Julie in Wisconsin

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