Dad Takes The House Fairy to Work

Dear House Fairy,

I’m a dad of three children; two girls ages 3 and 5 and a boy 7. My wife is a Flybaby (I am so proud of her) and she signed the kids up with you about three or four months ago. I have been pleasantly surprised at the difference in the “tone” of our household. My wife is happier with the kids’ cooperation and such. It has been fun to plan House Fairy visits and notes left and surprises. The kids love you and we love the magic.

With such a dramatic change at home I decided to bring the House Fairy to my office. (I picked the name JAF for Just A Friend.) I own a small business with seven office personnel and six guys in the field and I got the idea to start leaving fairy dust and little surprises with a promise to myself it will never NEVER get out they are coming from me (the boss). One note said, “Thank you for your help. JAF” And it was accompanied by a bag of M & Ms. Another note said, “You have such a great sense of humor, you make this office a good place to be. JAF” That note was accompanied by a Seinfeld DVD. I use the font that those people who write ransom notes uses. I have to be very careful not to get caught and that is much of the fun of it. I’ve even received a note and surprise from JAF to throw them all off. I keep a secret accounting so I don’t leave anybody out. JAF is a big topic in our company and I’ve even noticed JAF has made visits that I’m not the author of. It’s catching on and I know my bottom line will reflect this goodwill.

You have also expanded your influence at home. You not only are a watch dog for clutter and chaos, but you are a constant magical encouragement to be happy and positive.

Bellevue, WA


House Fairy here:
What can I say? I’m magic! You should give me a try in your home. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what will happen.

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