No More! That’s Behind Me Thanks To You!

Hey Pam,
All I can say is, I wish we were neighbors, because I’d love to get to know you. Actually I feel like I do know you after reading The Joy of Disorganization. What a wonderful book! You made me cry when I thought about how I’ve put organized people like my sister and mother-in-law up on a pedestal, and run myself down in the same thought. No more! That’s behind me thanks to you. You also had me on the floor in laughter in some of your stories, like choreographing the Nativity play and even making the costumes when you didn’t even belong to that church just to impress that one woman! And your Aunt Tottie is my new role model. LOL!
Pam, I’m really making progress de-cluttering, because I’m doing it for an entirely different reason! Hey, if you lived next door to me, you could come over and see what peace I’ve made in my home because of the book!

Love, Beth in TX


Pam here: Since Beth brought up my beloved Aunt Tottie, I have to tell you, she was the SHE of all SHEs. Writing about her was such a joy, because I loved her dearly and so did everyone who knew her. When you read about her, I guarantee you’ll laugh and you’ll want to borrow her as your aunt and role model too. My aunt celebrated her disorder, no excuses for her messes, no heavy self-criticism, just a delightful, fun-loving woman who rocked our world. After her three children were raised, she did get organized and it blew my mother, who was a BOP (Born Organized Person) away!

The Joy of Being Disorganized was written for you with love and appreciation. You are an amazing woman and it’s time to embrace and love who you are, just the way you are.

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