My Grocery Bill Has Been Cut in Half!


I laughed when I read the daily surprise from you about if you don’t buy it you won’t eat it! That is so true! Since I bought your audio book about getting my finances organized my spending has changed over the last six or seven months. As you said in the book “in order to change my circumstance I have to change the behavior that caused it and I can’t change behavior unless I change my mind”. Well it took some time to change my mind but I have and I love how different I feel when the bills come rolling in. I am in control! AND if I don’t buy it I don’t eat it! My grocery bill has been cut in half because of my new budget and behavior and my inner child went kicking and screaming into compliance, but compliant she is! I have lost 21 pounds under my new budget! That’s right not my new diet, but my budget. We eat out once a month and the kids have a new respect for the luxury of eating in a restaurant and so do my husband and I. You have helped so many people with your simple but also profound perspective on life. Thank you.

Ruthanne J.


Pam here: We can’t change one area of our life without it affecting other areas too. Getting your home organized changes your perspective on life! Getting control of your finances gives you control where you once were tossed and turned with raw emotion, much of it fear and worry. Ruthanne discovered by organizing her finances she lost weight. I’ve heard that from many of you! I think it’s because spending and eating are both activities that can be triggered when we are upset and looking for a fix of some kind outside of ourselves. When we get to the real core of an upset what we really want is love and attention and both of those we know how to give to others better than we know how to give to ourselves. That’s what the GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt book helps you do. It gets you in touch with your inner child and it gives you child-like tools that will get you out of debt and just maybe a smaller size.

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