Finally Made The Best Investment of my Life


First I want to say a great big THANKS. I suddenly became a single mum to 3 kids exactly one week before Christmas. Unfortunately my ex not only left me with the 3 kids right on Christmas but he also left me with all the utility bills, 2x credit cards, 1x personal loan and 1x car loan all in my name only and my only income was from a part time job, which wasn’t even enough to cover the rent.

Thankfully I got on Centrelink benefits (I think is Social Security over there), but it still was not enough to pay all the bills and feed and clothe the kids. I was a blubbering mess every payday and even stopped answering the phone if I did not know the number in case it was another debt collector.

Well!! I thought about buying the GOOD book, but stressed about spending the money that could be spent on food or bills. After 4 months I finally made the best investment of my life and bought it and also downloaded FlyLady’s control journal. I have contacted all companies I owe money to and made arrangements that I can afford to pay leaving enough to buy food. Best of all I have gotten to know my inner brat whom I call Paris after Paris Hilton. She is a demanding, whining, spoilt brat who wants everything. I am slowly teaching my Paris we cannot afford a champagne lifestyle on a water budget. This alone has made a HUGE difference to unnecessary spending and helped control our finances so we can be in a better position.

I am now battling with her over junk food treats that are not only expensive but go straight to my hips. Of course the hip bit doesn’t bother her, hers are fine. LOL

Rose in Australia


Pam here: I am so excited for Rose! She is on her way to a wonderful new way of life! All of the circumstances in our lives cannot match the power of knowing yourself and learning to love who you are. We don’t have to have terrible things happen to discover this inner joy, but often that is how we do. We finally have to sit down beside the road and have the talk. The sooner the better.

To purchase the GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt click here.

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