The House Fairy Makes a Big Difference

Oooh, it’s working on my kids already; you’re going to LAUGH, because my kids are 13 and 11, and obviously they know the House Fairy is really MOM, but they think it’s fun and they LOVE getting little surprises and notes from the House Fairy.

My daughter thinks the House Fairy is adorable and she wants to watch the videos (she’s the 13 year old!).  The very day I signed up I left a letter (revised for older kids) on each of their pillows.  Their rooms were a train wreck at the time.  Within a day, both rooms were neat, tidy, and sparkling!  Doing things the “old way,” my kids would receive a set amount of “chore money” for doing a limited number of chores per week, and they would often slack on doing them.

Now, the House Fairy leaves frequent little requests on their pillows that bring simple little rewards like a pack of gum and they respond.  Bigger jobs get bigger rewards. It’s like a fun game to them, and I don’t think they’ll ever grow tired of it.  It has really changed our family dynamics–Mom yells a lot less, and the entire family is enjoying our clean, tidy home!

Love from Sandi in Mesa, AZ

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