How Would You Feel if You Were Debt Free?

Dear Pam,

In the GOOD Book, you talk about having an attitude of prosperity and abundance. So I’ve been doing the visualization about money everywhere. I have a peach tree in my back yard that I see every day and I remember what you say to think. “What’s that on the tree?” LOL!  This week, I got a surprise letter from the president of the grocery store chain I work part time at. The company did so well during the holiday season he sent every single employee a $20 store gift card! I had to laugh when I got it for two reasons. First, it reinforced my prosperity and abundance attitude. Second, I’m going to put that $20 extra money into the ARC payments for this month! I think it’s cool that instead of letting my rascal buy $20 worth of goodies from my store (we have amazingly good candy), I’m going to shoot my AMEX bill with an extra shot of cash this month. Without your book, I’d have just blown that money and been a little bit fatter to show for it.


$20 closer to being free of debt


Pam here:
Okay, you’re probably thinking, `Think money on trees, that’s nuts.’  Or what ARC? In the GOOD Book I talk about practicing the “feeling” of abundance and prosperity even when the facts aren’t there to support the “feeling.” I chose the saying we’ve all heard; money doesn’t grow on trees and thought to myself, `What if it did? How would I feel?’ Then I really got into that feeling” and it was fun. I know if I visualize money growing on trees it won’t, but I also know that no one or no circumstance can stop me from practicing what it would feel like if it did. You can’t raise your financial consciousness by going up on your roof to balance your checkbook, but practicing the “feeling” of being debt free is very important on your path to prosperity. The ARC stands for Accelerated Recovery Club and when you get the book, you’ll see how you can join the club and can get rid of your financial alligators by putting them on the arc.

Just a warning; it’s got some very scary animals aboard! The GOOD Book; Get Out Of Debt is a three-hour listen if you get the audio book, or if you want to read it, it’s available for your Kindle or Nook and it’s in paperback.

I have received countless emails from those who have saved the price of the book on the first day practicing my ideas which got me out of debt 12 years ago. Listen free to the introduction (13 minutes) to see if my approach to getting out of debt is for you.

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