I Shiny-Sinked My Way to a Better Life

Dear Pam,

WAH, WAH, WAH! Yep, that was me when it came to housework.  And above all I did NOT want to be told what to do by anyone. Then I read Sink Reflections and I thought ‘Here we go again, someone telling me what to do, only this time it’s someone I don’t even know and she’s telling me to go shine my sink’!  Can you tell I wasn’t a very happy camper?

Well by God’s grace I couldn’t forget what FlyLady said in her book, so I signed up for her emails telling me what to do.  But I was still like Sam-I-am who wouldn’t eat green eggs and ham, till finally one day I said, “Okay! Already! I’ll try it!  I don’t WANT to, but I will.”  What happened that day was like opening a door to a new life!  I scrubbed and shined my kitchen sink all the while thinking this is ridiculous, so I’ll have a clean sink, big deal, the rest of the house is trashed and I’m overwhelmed.  But something happened that day.  When I was finished cleaning and shinning that sink, I FELT BETTER!  I can’t explain it better than that.  I just felt better and once I felt better I wanted to feel better MORE.  I started doing some of those things FlyLady recommended to establish habits that would make my life supposedly run smoother and with that shiny sink feeling I discovered everything I did made me feel better because I purposely did it so I would feel better.

Which brings me to why I’m writing to you:

The part of me that didn’t want to mind is the child in me.  I had a very mean and domineering mother and I vowed when I grew up no one would tell me what to do.  When you said, “make it fun and it will get done” when it comes to getting out of debt, that part of me said, “no way could it be fun to have a budget, not charge stuff I want and pay for it later and no way could it be fun to crawl out from under the debt I was in.  Again, I was like Sam-I-Am!  But I bought the GOOD Book and listened to it.  I found out it IS fun to have a budget.  It IS fun to save up for something I want and pay cash!  It IS fun to beat the credit card companies by leaving them in the dust!  If I told anyone that because I shined my kitchen sink I am almost debt-free they’d think I was crazy!  But it’s true.  I have literally shiny-sinked my way to a better life.  Thank you to you both (I’m going to email FlyLady too) for your wisdom and love.



Pam Here: The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt will help you forge a relationship with your spunky inner child.  If your finances are up-side-down it’s probably because you have allowed yourself to run your finances like a child would.  Would you ever give a nine-year-old the amount of money you make each month?  Like Ester I can honestly say getting out of debt was fun!  It was almost as fun as getting organized, neither project sounds like it would be fun, but we have the ability to make anything fun if we want to.

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