Magazine Declutter

Dear FlyLady,

After trying to use your system a few months before and abandoning it (what was I thinking?!) I am back at it again and I’m making much better progress this time!

I’m writing to you today because I want to share with you how I adapted your system to keep my magazine clutter down.

I get a couple magazines in the mail that come out weekly. Consequently, I could very easily be up to my eyeballs in magazines in just a few months’ time. But I’m not because I follow these rules:

  1. I will only have two issues of each magazine on my coffee table.
  2. The newest issue is always on top; the week-old magazine is always underneath the current one.
  3. When the newest issue of each magazine comes in, it automatically goes on top, and the bottom magazine ALWAYS immediately goes into the recycling bin, always leaving just the 2 magazines.

I used to get so caught up in my ADHD fretting – what if I hadn’t read the older magazine yet, what if my spouse hadn’t read it, etc.

Now I tell myself that if I haven’t read a magazine in 2 weeks’ time, it needs to GO!  The information in it by now is old news, would be available all over the web, and by keeping the magazine all I’m doing is just adding to the stuff in my cluttered life.

My magazine rules for me have been so nice – I don’t even have to think about what to do when a new magazine comes in, and I don’t feel guilty tossing an old magazine out – even one I might not have even opened.

Even better, I don’t have to make a point to cull my magazines as part of the Weekly Home Blessing because I do it as they arrive in the mail!

I am continuing to declutter (15 minutes at a time) and am learning each day how to be a better FlyBaby – thank you so much, FlyLady!!!

Ann from Indianapolis, IN

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