Something Must Have Stuck

Dear FlyLady,

I have only been FLYing again for about 5 weeks after being on hiatus for a couple of years. Something must have stuck though, because it really only took me 5 weeks to get my house back under control. I have done it all without any of your products, but I am anxiously awaiting my order of numerous items to help keep me going.

We are in the middle of renovating our Kitchen, repainting the entire main floor and replacing all of the flooring. There is dust everywhere all the time. I have begun a new habit of walking around my newly decluttered house daily with a damp cloth to wipe away most of the collected dust. I think I should have ordered your feather duster while I was ordering the rest of my items…but that will be on my next order.

Because my house is in better shape, this only takes my about 15 mins every day, and every day I find a new place that I missed the day before. DH and I purchased a new king size bed this weekend, and it is being delivered today. I am able to sit here writing to you right now, instead of cleaning like a mad woman before they get here, because of everything you have taught me. I won’t be embarrassed to open the door when they arrive and I will be able to enjoy watching them set up our new bed in our bedroom because there isn’t laundry everywhere, there is little dust and I was able to spend my morning moving our old bed out of their way.

Thank you so much!
Fly Baby in Edmonton

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