Young@Heart: 10 Ways to Feel Better Instantly

We SHEs and FlyBabies naturally want peace and joy to be with us and since they are spiritual qualities we find them right in our own hearts and minds. All we have to do is think.

I often wonder why SHEs and FlyBabies come to my mind when I’m writing. Even though I probably don’t know you personally, I’ve seen your beautiful face in audiences of women, excited to be out for an evening, ready to laugh and be entertained and determined to get organized.

I really do know you, because we are one and I also know I would love you if we met because we have so much in common. We want to love and be loved, we have great concern for the wellbeing of our families and, we want peace and joy to follow us all the days of our lives.

Are you going through a rough time right now? If you are, the subject line of my Young@Heart probably grabbed your attention. If you’re looking for relief in anything material, you know that kind of comfort only works temporarily, but if you’ll take a deep, cleansing breathe and allow one of my ideas to sink in, you’ll have an instant faith lift that’ll last longer than a cup of coffee, a Snickers or a martini.

Peace of mind and joy are spiritual qualities and it takes practice to have them follow us through the twists and turns and ups and downs of life. It’s good to know the doorway to peace and joy is gratitude. God wired us with the ability to be grateful and when we’re feeling gratitude, we are joyful and we instantly feel better.

This morning I was awakened to at least a thousand robins serenading me into my day. (I swear they are extra loud this summer. Must be global warming or they’ve just come back from some robin Twitter Fest.) Anyway when I opened my eyes, I thought, “Oh God another day.” Since you can’t hear the intonation of my thought, it was full of gratitude that God has given me another day! I love the sages who talk about living today like it’s the first and the last day of life. We really don’t know when the last day is, but we can sure play with the idea.

If you want to feel better instantly here are 10 ways that help me. You’ll notice many have to do with being more grateful. Try one.

1. Be thankful and honor how unique and different you are from everyone else. Not in an egotistical way, but in a humble way. Thank God there is only one of you! Not that two wouldn’t be nice, it’d just be confusing to those who know you. Think about what a gift it is that in a huge crowd, your loved ones can pick you out and visa versa! Rejoice like the robins do every morning and evening (and they all look identical).

2. Right now, pretend you’ve been blind for ten years. Close your eyes (after you finish reading this) and pretend the doctor has said there is only a 2% chance the surgery worked so you’ll be able to see again. In your imagination see your family, the doctors and nurses gathered around you as the doctor takes the bandages off. Now open your eyes. YOU CAN SEE! Do the same exercise with an arm or a leg. Oh and just think, no doctor, hospital and surgical bills!

3. Practice seeing good in everything and don’t forget that even the stuff that happens to you that you might label as bad, always turns out to teach wonderful lessons for good. And the tuition is free!

4. Stop over-goaling. At the start of every month, make a note on your calendar to stop over-goaling. In fact, right now, go to your calendar and turn to the next, up-coming month and write DON’T OVER-GOAL.

5. Smile. If you’re alone right now, think of something that made you smile earlier and re-smile.

6. Be gentle with yourself. If you say something cruel to yourself, say you’re sorry.

7. Go for a walk.

8. Ask for peace and expect to receive it.

9. Take care of your body, it’s where you really live. (Does it need a drink of water right now?) I can tell you what it doesn’t need very much of…sugar.

10. Get in touch with your inner child and play more. My book The Joy of Being Disorganized will help you meet and love your inner child. My teaching is a positive and happy inner journey into knowing and loving your inner child.

Keep this list around, until you get back into the sunshine of life. All is well, my darling, there is a higher power right where you are and the plan is for good. Thank you for reading Young@Heart today. If you’d like to read a free chapter from The Joy of Being Disorganized, click here! The chapter is called, There Arose Such a Clutter and it addresses my unique approach to clutter annihilation.

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