Stop Struggling! It Doesn’t Work!

I wrote The Joy of Being Disorganized out of love for the fabulous women I’ve met (and those I haven’t) who thrive being SHEs and yet can turn around and beat themselves up for being disorganized! We SHEs were created to play and have fun and we do it very well!

Our imaginations are keen and make us very creative women and when we get organized just enough to please US we have discovered the key to MORE happiness and fun. I wrote this book to encourage you to celebrate your SHEness (it rhymes with genius!) and get organized just enough to create peace in your home. It’s so easy and fun when you stop struggling and trying to be something you’re not.

Meg Richarson wrote about The Joy of Being Disorganized: “A fantastic encouraging and funny book…. easy read and worth re-reading!”

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