My Morning Was Unevenful

Thank YouDear FlyLady,

I’m terrible about writing Thank You’s. I never know what to say. But today, I felt I had to send one to you. Nothing particularly spectacular happened in the last day–but that’s exactly the point.

Last night, I got home from work and had a note in my daily planner to start a load of dark laundry. I was surprised at how small of a load I had to do, since darks are usually my largest loads, but I ran it anyway. Thank you for teaching me to do a load a day, to keep up with laundry.

Also in my planner was a note that I needed to print a map to a friend’s new house because I’m visiting her after work today. Along with that, was a note that I had box tops to take to her (she collects them for the local schools). I took the 5 minutes needed to print the map and directions, looked them over so I understood where I was going, and put the box tops in my car.

Thank you for teaching me about doing things the night/day before. In the past, I would have been scrambling to gather those items together the next morning.

Another note in my daily planner was one I had been putting off a few days: do my monthly tasks. I had time to do them, so I opened my Control Journal, and looked at the list of things I need to do at the end of each month. Some were already done, but some were not, and some were things that I would have forgotten to do, if they were not there on the list.

Thank you for teaching me to create a Control Journal with these lists, so I don’t HAVE to remember them–I just have to remember to check the monthly list (much easier!)

I took care of a few other things that I needed to do last night, all of which I had written down in my daily planner.

Thank you for teaching me HOW to USE a planner/calendar! Strange as it may sound, I had no clue before your emails and instructions on checking the calendar.

Now, here’s the kicker:

This morning, I overslept, and woke up very late for work. In the past, this would have been a total disaster, especially with the plans to visit my friend after work.


My work clothes were clean and ready to go. They weren’t laid out (oops! *blush*), but I didn’t have to hunt for them. I knew exactly what I was wearing and where it was. (There’s that Thank You for laundry again). I got me ready for work, and grabbed my lunch on the way out the door, because I had packed it the night before, as part of my After Work/Before Bed Routine. I didn’t have to worry about the cats, because I also filled their food and water dishes last night.

Thank You again, for teaching me about Before Bed Routines.

I just jumped in the car, which already had everything I needed for work and the visit to my friend’s place afterwards, and drove to work. In the past, this would have been a nightmare. I would have been rooting all over, trying to find clean work clothes (and grumbling because they weren’t done). I would have had to buy an expensive (less healthy) lunch at work, because I forgot to pack one. I would have scrambled to get the box tops, and feed the cats before leaving, and I would have been horribly late to work!

So Thank You, FlyLady and Crew, for my morning that was UNeventful!

Ohio FlyBaby

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