That Reminds Me

Purple RagsDearest FlyLady Marla, Robert and FlyCrew,

I recently read a post about how you are able to keep giving us FlyBabies tips and tricks for FREE. It reminded me that I needed to say THANK YOU!

I have incorporated so many things in my routine and my life is so much better because of you! Because they have become so routine, I fear I have taken you and your wonderful daily messages for granted. All your many blessings snuck up on me one babystep at a time.

While I hate to put all you have done for me in monetary terms, here’s the reality:

I could spend 90.00 every week (I have when I was a payroll SHE) for a cleaning lady and my house would still have tons of clutter.

I could spend 200.00 a week on groceries, and throw away so much of it because I didn’t plan my meals

I could spend 200.00 a session for therapy and still not get to finally loving myself stage

I could spend 120.00 a month on spa treatments to de-stress and still get stressed by having a home in CHAOS

I could spend hundreds or even thousands a year on clothing because I feel like I never have anything to wear, due to Mount Washmore

I could buy tons of magazines about consumer stuff and home organization stuff and menus and clothing at $5.00 a pop and still not get the great info that I get from your daily emails

I could read those magazines for tested product ideas and spend hundreds on cleaning and home products and cleaners and still not find ones that work

I could, but I don’t because of FLYLADY!

You, dear FlyLady, have helped me in so many ways! YOU KEEP THE WEBSITE FREE! And for FREE I have a calm and tidy (not perfect) household that I can keep up with, I haven’t needed to crisis clean in over a year. I have reduced my food bills by half and I don’t stress over what to have for dinner, and I save because we don’t do takeout hardly ever anymore. I am learning to love myself, have time to do my own manicure, have not had a stress meltdown in forever, realize I don’t need all the clothes I have and have bought nothing in over a year and don’t feel deprived. And all that I am saving has enabled me to remove my debt and begin to save. This helped me to avoid crisis and keep my home when I lost my job six months ago. IS THE BEST BARGAIN EVER! Bargain isn’t the right word because it cost me not one cent, because you gave it all to me for FREE! It is a priceless gift!

And I have a select group of pre-tested fantastic products all with rave reviews! I started with the wonderful feather duster when someone posted that you can dust between knick nacks without moving them and I LOVE IT! Then the purple rags. Well, I discovered microfiber cloths several years ago and swore by them so figured these were the same, until I read a testimonial that they are so much better than the standard microfiber cloths you can buy, so I tried the purple rags and it is true! They are great and I LOVE THEM! And have bought several more things and LOVE THEM ALL equally! So I will continue to buy everything from your site, and give them as gifts to others when I have everything myself. Please keep the testimonials coming. They are priceless reminders to keep on track with our babysteps!

Thank you for keeping your site FREE and for the wonderful gift you give every day to people like me that you don’t even know!

In purple puddles of gratitude,

Mary in Baltimore


FlyLady here: Your Purple Puddles are contagious! This testimonial has tears rolling down my face. You are welcome! Helping you is my life’s calling! I am so blessed to have you all in my life!

When you love our tools, you keep our website FREE for everyone. Thank you so much!

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