Thank You For Everything!

Dear FlyLady,

I have been FLYing off and on (more off than on) for a couple of years. I have made a control journal and never used it until this last time flying. I have been on the FLYwagon for 2 months now. I made my control journal, posted morning and bedtime routines on the door of the master bath, ordered a few tools and really worked on FLYing. Well, I must be doing something right. I had the house clean enough that over Easter break the kids had friends spend the night!

Celebrate My husband must really love the changes!  Today he went out and bought me a roll around dishwasher (we rent so we can’t put an undercounter dishwasher in) to help with the dishes because my back injury makes it difficult to stand and handwash dishes. He bought me a sealer to separate the meats and freeze them because I now make 1 grocery trip a month instead of 2-3 times a week. Because I have been keeping everything cleaner, he got me a new (its used but to me its new) car! Our old van stayed broken down all of the time and since I have been keeping everything up, he wanted me to have a good vehicle to FLY in!

FlyLady, thank you for everything! You have turned me from a lousy, miserable wife and mother who lived in complete CHAOS and screamed a lot, and hid in my bedroom when people knocked on the door, to a mom who never screams and has time to play and a wife who can get in bed with her husband at a descent hour and my husband wake up to coffee brewing, lunch made, and never again trip out the door falling over things!  You have made a wonderful miracle in my life and I love, thank, and hope that God blesses you ten fold!

Flying mama in her shiny new car!
From Eastern NC

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