FLYing Against The Wind

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been a Flybaby for only a few months.  In this time, I’ve made strong gains in establishing morning and evening routines, and have even gotten into the habit of getting my DD to bed at a reasonable hour because I’m not scrambling around the house and stressed out about what I have to do tomorrow or the next day or later that week.

Then DH lost his job…

I admit, I gave up and resorted back to old ways – the clutter accumulated, the hot spots raged – and I felt hopeless.

The other night, I was browsing through the archive of articles and I read several articles that all had the same message, “You are not behind! Don’t try to catch up! Just jump back in!”  Amazingly, this is the same message at the bottom of each of the daily emails!  This gave me great encouragement.  I cannot control when DH will find another job, but I can control my routines, the clutter, and extinguish those hotspots!

Yesterday I completed the daily mission, I de-cluttered for 15 minutes, I took 2 minutes each to extinguish a few hotspots, and shined my sink before bed.  This morning I woke up to a tidier home and a better attitude to support DH in his new job search.

THANK YOU for helping me FLY again!

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