Love Yourself First and Order Will Follow

This is an Amazon Testimonial for Pam’s book The Joy of Being Disorganized:

I’ve read nearly all of [Pam’s] books, this one makes the most sense for me. She’s done a wonderful job in writing this book, she sticks in humor with the truth. Even though I am ambidextrous and great with managing my finances, the right side of my brain still takes the lead leaving me overwhelmed. Pam’s book has taught me to love that about myself. I truly suggest you read this book if you feel disorganized-even just a little bit! Love yourself! And turn off the noise in your environment.

Emily 🙂

Pam here:
The Joy of Being Disorganized is changing lives and I know why. It took me 35 years corresponding with wonderful women who had read my get organized books, to realize we SHEs are gifted, talented, intelligent wonderful women, but we put ourselves down for not being as organized as friends and relatives we know who are.

If you’ve done that to yourself, you need to read this book. It’ll make you laugh and learn as I gently get you to see that your disorder is a gift. I explain how clutter has a voice and when you get rid of the clutter you have peace. I hope to hear from you when you are ready to celebrate what an awesome woman you are, in spite of any mess you’re in.

Speaking of clutter, I’d like to give you Chapter Seven: There Arose Such a Clutter, so you can see the unique way clutter affects your peace. It’s one of my favorite chapters in the books and it’s my pleasure to give it to you, because I know it will make a difference in your life.

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