Routines Are Great To Relieve Stress

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been FLYing – fluttering- since September, but only in the last few months I have been really following your routines because I moved in with my boyfriend and put our home in a decent shape. Dear BF had a serious motorcycle accident last week. He crashed against a truck, but miraculously didn’t break one bone. Naturally, we had a lot of visitors during the last week: his parents, who had been home only once, all of his siblings, his friends and my friends.

Before Father’s Day I only had to spend less than 20 minutes sweeping the floors and putting away some hot spots, but my kitchen was clean, the bed was made and the bathroom had been swished and swiped that morning. My parents in law are visiting us frequently and on Monday I had just finished the Home Blessing when Dear BF´s mother asked if she could please use the bathroom. Wasn’t I glad that I had just finished cleaning and everything smelt great!

Luckily, BF is on the mend and hopefully up on his feet again in a couple of weeks. So thank you for your constant encouragement and your reminders that we should chase progress, not perfection!

Buenos Aires,

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