I Can Always Jump Right Back In

Good Morning, Mama FlyLady!!

I suppose this is a testimonial email (that’s the closest tag I could find in the list to what I wanted to contact you about today); But it’s more of a thank-you/testimonial. 🙂

First, I wanted to THANK YOU for sending the Getting Happy FlyLady Email out to EVERYONE yesterday, and then giving us a chance to unsubscribe if we want to. I had read your awesome/inspirational emails just recently about your battling depression & discussing the new ‘Getting Happy’ newsletter, and I had MEANT to sign up before Sept. 1; But – as you have probably surmised – I never did get around to signing up this weekend. I was SO pleased to open my email and see your ‘Getting Happy’ newsletter in spite of my forgetfulness!!  I think this new newsletter is a wonderful idea; The previous one already made me get out and walk after work for 7min (out & back) outside last week twice! 🙂  Thank you for already giving me some helpful advice even before the first newsletter!  And thank you for including everyone in ‘Getting Happy’.

I have been a FlyBaby going on about 6 years now. I have started & stopped your BabySteps so many times, because life sometimes just leads you astray from your best intentions. But I have always felt (b/c YOU’VE made me feel that way through your philosophy) that I could jump back in at any time and one of these times, the habits are going to STICK. This past Labor Day weekend, I cleaned & shined my kitchen sink YET again (and it’s so pretty!!) – ready to try to get on the band wagon again!!  And it is because of your positive encouragement every day that “you are NOT behind” that I can still maintain the hope of starting again. It’s all about the hope, I think – – as long as you have that, and don’t give up, you ALWAYS have the possibility of changing your life in a meaningful way for the better!

Thank you for giving that hope in a world that seems so hopeless most of the time!  You’re a good person and this is a good thing!

Hugs & Much Love,

FlyBaby-P in Baton Rouge

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