The House Fairy CAN Help

Dear Pam,

I think the best AHA moment in childrearing was when I KNEW that one person canNOT be ALL a child needs. The best opportunities for my children would come from grandparents, aunties, uncles, and best friends. Yes, I would have to oversee this little person’s activities and influences and keep them safe, BUT did I really want opportunities to learn and experience things be denied them just because I could not or would not be able to give or show it to them??? I still believe the whole parenting thing is as much a teaching and enriching experience for the parents as the children. God is always working with His children whatever their age. THANK GOD

Brenda H in So. Calif.



This email was in response to an email I sent out about the House Fairy having a positive influence on children, when the parent wants to be the only influence to their children. The House Fairy is mom’s helper. Her videos inspire, entertain, teach and support parents with children from about three to nine. Brenda is right, children will listen and respond to people (and fairies with fairy voices) and when they get excited to clean their rooms because the good fairy will come, inspect and leave a surprise if rooms are neat and tidy, it’s magic. For a brief overview of the House Fairy program, Click Here!

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