Happy Birthday To Me, I’m Now Debt-Free


Last week I wrote you and told you that I planned to give myself the birthday present of paying off my credit card. Well I gave it to myself a month early. I paid off my credit card last Friday. And today I paid off my month to month card. The month to month is a low limit card.

I pay off with every pay check and bank the reward points. I am saving up for a new laptop. Well, anyway, I paid it off. So today is the first time since my divorce in 96 that all I owe is my mortgage.

Thanks for the comment about the spotlight. I thought about it all week end and I decided to take the “leap of faith” pay off my month to month early and glide into my next birthday cc debt free. I will keep rereading the GOOD Book as it helps fund a happier inner voice. Oh my inner kid is named Patty….she started using my credit cards at 17. That will be 41 years come my next birthday. You know I think this will be my only birthday in all those years that I won’t have a balance on a credit card. Happy Birthday to Me! Thank you again!

Patricia & Patty


Pam here:
Patricia’s reference to the spotlight was from an email I sent her. I told her about a spiritual retreat I went to many years ago, in which the minister conducting the workshop had each of us imagine being in a pitch dark room with a spotlight on us. (I’ve been on a dark stage with a single spot light on me and so the exercise was easy to imagine.) Next we were to imagine trying to step out of the light into the dark. She explained that represented a step of faith. She said in life we can never step out of the light as it follows us all the days of our lives. When we take a step into the dark unknown, the light just follows us and of course we expand and learn when that happens. We really don’t have to be afraid. “Be still and know that I, mighty in the midst of you am God.”

I love that Patricia said “I will keep re-reading the GOOD Book as it helps fund a happier inner voice.” This ability to get to know and love your inner child is an awesome gift. We have so much to learn about ourselves, that I’m sure it’s an on-going endeavor. To purchase the GOOD Book, Click Here!

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