Clueless in Minnesota

Hi Pam!
I called you last week when I couldn’t figure out how to get your GOOD Book. I am in Minnesota, and we talked about being snowed in.

I LOVE your book. I made Purdy (my inner child who has gotten us into this predicament) sit still while I verified all the credit card debt, with balances, interest rates, and monthly payments. Sheesh! I never knew what we actually owed, or what the interest rates were. Financially clueless? Yep.

I called the credit card companies, as you suggested, and got the interest lowered on 3 of the cards, a total of 14 percentage points! Another said to call in January and they would lower it then! I also got them all put in order of what gets paid off first. It is so liberating!

In this same spirit, I braved our mortgage officer at the credit union (something I have been postponing for months) and had him start the process of re-structuring our mortgage to lower the interest and payments. Yay! He figures we should save more than $500 a month!!!

When we were at the grocery store, I made sure to be mindful of what I was buying, and saved more than $50. Purdy wasn’t very happy, so I told her she could work on a quilt for a while when we got home, instead of cleaning a closet. She was content with that, and the closet will still be there when I get around to it later.

This purchase has MORE than paid for itself in the first week I’ve had it. Thank you so much!



Dear Friends,

I love receiving feedback from those of you who are applying the ideas I suggest in The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt.  What makes my book so different from any financial self-help books today is that I not only give you tools and ideas for getting out of debt, but I also teach you how to deal with a part of yourself that got you into the mess in the first place. I have been debt-free for ten years and reading letters like Cathy’s brings back wonderful memories of my journey out of debt. If I had not been in debt I would not have met, learned to love and guide my inner child whom I endearingly call Nelly. I remember being clueless (just like Cathy) about what I owed the credit card companies, but what I remember as being the most astonishing was realizing I could have FUN with a budget, FUN being frugal, FUN dancing and singing on my “savings day” and the ecstasy I felt with the death of each credit card as it shrunk into oblivion!

The hardest part of getting out of debt was facing it and pulling the veil off the scope of damage so I could deal with it as the mature adult I knew I could be. You are not alone, and I’m here to tell you there is nothing to be afraid of and once you face the fear of not knowing the truth you are free to use your creativity, your love and your joy in the financial area of your life. The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt My motto is: If it isn’t fun, it won’t get done.  I am here to say it was FUN getting out of debt!

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