We Love You!

Dear House Fairy,

I love you and so does my sister Jenny! We love your surprises and even the clothes you left for school. Some are too big right now, but mama said we will fit in them tomorrow. Thank you. We helped mama vacuum and we folded laundry and put it away today. Please come to see our room. We put everything away and nothing is under the bed. If Fuzzball is sleeping on our bed when you come to check on our room do not be afraid, he loves people of all kinds.

Audra age 6 (typed by her mother who is almost on the floor in silent laughter)


Children love the House Fairy and her kind and happy influence inspires and motivates them to keep their rooms neat and tidy and help with household chores. The House Fairy can be mom’s best friend, reinforcing her wishes in a magical way. House Fairy supplies the inspiration, while mom supplies the surprises.

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