Where Did I Go Wrong?

Dear Pam,

I was shocked to answer my phone and it was you! I couldn’t have been happier if Bradly Cooper called, well maybe I could. LOL. Yes, I gave you my phone number, when I was whining for help, but I really didn’t think you’d actually call me! You made me feel so much better and you were right, how we feel has so much to do with what we do! I know where I was going wrong! I was in the habit of waking up dreading all there was to do. Now I wake up and the first thing I ask myself is, “What am I going to be and do today that will help me enjoy this day I’ve been given?” My answer (I’ve memorized it since your call), “I’m going to be kind, loving and happy. I’m going to look for signs that tell me everything is going to be alright. I’m going to laugh, dance, sing and play today and I’m not going to allow anyone, including myself, to make me feel guilty or cause me to doubt my ability to succeed.” Pam, I was so glad you allowed me to write those exact words as you told them to me. They are golden! I haven’t finished the Joy of Being Disorganized book yet, because you asked us to read a chapter at a time and let it soak in.

Thank you for writing this book. I’m beginning to see myself the way God sees me and it’s transforming. God bless you in your work to help us want to enjoy life more.

Jesse W  in Boise

Pam here:
I was moved to call Jesse because her email was filled with confusion over the mess her home is in. I could tell she loves her family and was basically a happy person with a very happy husband and kids. She just needed what most SHEs need, gentle direction and some hard core love and understanding. Talking to her was such a joy for me, because she truly understood the direction she needed was inward. We all have all the tools to keep a house clean and we also have what it takes to be organized. We are not very good at delegating, so we tend to try to do it all. Usually underneath being overwhelmed is a lousy skill for delegating. In The Joy of Being Disorganized there is a full chapter on the Art of Delegating and it is a skill we must learn if we want to get out from under being overwhelmed.

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