15 Minutes To Focus

Progress not perfectionDear FlyLady,

After being with you for more than five years, I think I finally got the 15-minute thing yesterday.  I’d tried it a few times before, but didn’t like it without really knowing why.

One of the testimonials I read recently clicked for me when she said she didn’t have to go as fast as she could, just her normal pace.  I realized that when I’d tried the 15 minutes before, I’d been in a 15-minute totally stressed tizzy trying to beat a record of what I could do in 15 minutes, racing the clock… sort of like a 15-minute leg lift, a constant strain and wondering how I could hold out.

Yesterday I set the timer and started with the only requirement for myself being that I stay focused on the one area.

Several times I’d find myself thinking, “I’ll just go ahead and do _____; it will only take a minute.”  Then I’d remember that I was to stick to the one task for 15 minutes.  No stressing myself; just staying with one job for 15 minutes.  Pretty simple to take five years!

Needless to say, I was amazed at the results. Thank you for all you do for us.

Katie from MO


FlyLady here: It is not a race! It is all about the slow and steady and staying focused. We can do this! I am so proud of her. Do not beat yourself up. The answers come when we least expect it!

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