I No Longer Have to be Afraid

Dear FlyLady,I have been FLYing for two months.  My house is looking great!  We had company tonight for the first time in nine years.  We cooked a meal.  It was spontaneous company!  Uninvited company!  How nice to have a clean kitchen and bathrooms.  They caught me off guard…I was taking a nap.  I quickly made my bed.  I was already dressed.  The wife came back to my bedroom…which only six weeks ago was a cluttered mess.

Thanks to my FlyLady duster, I didn’t even have dust.  And if she snooped in the bathroom cabinets, they were good enough for company.  Thank you FlyLady!  I am now planning on having more company.  It used to scare me…but I no longer have to be afraid.

FlyBaby S. In the rural south

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