Surprise! Not One, Not Two, But Three!

Dear House Fairy,
I just wanted to thank you for not only leaving surprises for my sons, James five and Connor seven, but for giving Connor ideas for being kind and surprising me. I wanted to share with you what happened. Your addition to our home has brought great fun and joy!

Their room has been consistently neat for several months and you have been making inspections about once a week. I’m sharing one of your notes so other moms can see what happens when you leave this kind of idea {wink wink}. It’s so funny how kids love to do something for another person and if I had told him to do these chores he wouldn’t have been as thrilled.

Dear Connor,

Your room is very neat. I love that you put your clothes out that you will wear to school tomorrow! You didn’t leave a single toy or book out and even your closet is nice. Good job!

I have one request of you: I want you to do one of these things to surprise your mom tomorrow. Set the table while she’s fixing dinner, fold the basket of towels and wash clothes in the laundry room and put them away or empty the waste baskets in the bathrooms into the trash can. I want it to be a surprise for your mom, so pick one and surprise her.

House Fairy

The next day, he did all three chores and he was really sneaky about doing them while I wasn’t looking! I got to act shocked and excited about the surprises too. I think next time you’ll leave a note that asks him to get James involved with the chores (James can’t read).

Paula a surprised mom!


Pam here:
Paula is right about kids being more eager to oblige someone besides the parent! I guess because we’re always asking them to do stuff. But when the request comes from the House Fairy, what kid could resist? Great idea Paula, thank you for sharing.

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