House Fairy: Attention-Getter With Wings

Dear House Fairy,

Thank you House Fairy for your wonderful videos that have helped me and my children tremendously. You know you never really said anything that I didn’t already say, but because YOU said it, my kids are now listening.  : ) Even though you have only been visiting for two weeks now, the first day I told them about it they ran to their room and cleaned it up. I don’t expect perfection, but my daughter Abby age 4 and my sons Killian, 8 and Dylan 3 years old do (in my opinion) a great job.

Thank you so much.


House Fairy here: I wish it weren’t true that kids will listen to a teacher, an aunt, grandmother or neighbor more readily than their own beloved mothers and fathers. I guess parents’ voices become so familiar they lose their effect over time.  That’s why I’m here! I’m the attention getter with wings! So many parents have experienced the amazing results from my videos and of course my “surprise” inspections.

Even when we grow up and become, adults we still put out more effort in cleaning our homes when we know we’re going to have company. Children get that same feeling when they know I’m going to come while they’re asleep or at school or at a friend’s house and I’m going to inspect their room and leave a surprise if it’s neat and tidy. It’s just plain magic!  To learn more about the House Fairy program, Click Here!

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