The Do It Now Principle

Dear FlyLady,

Do it NowThank goodness for your emphasis on the do it now principle.  I am now committed to not letting my gas tank get below half.  Some things you have to learn the hard way.  I received a phone call early this morning from my grown son who was on an outing with his dad.  They were on their way to the emergency room with my very sick husband.  The nearest emergency room to them was 75 miles from me.  I was able to dress quickly, (clothes ready) grab my keys and go to find I had less than 1/4 tank of gas.  Now I needed to stop at the gas station to make my destination.  All is well that ends well they say.  My husband was in good hands and is home recovering.  Lesson learned, never let the tank get under half.

FlyLady and crew, thank you for all you teach us.  You are truly a gift to us from God.

Nevada FlyBaby

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