Would You Give A Kid Money?

Hello, Pam-

I have been through financial hell!!! My home was foreclosed upon and my favorite car (of my life) was repossessed. Crazy thing is I am OK with it! I was pretty much forced out of an $80,000 year job (long, awful story!). I now work 40 hrs. but I am better off in the long run! I am now NOT working for my home and my car.

I have paid off ALL outstanding debt except for 1 more account I need to take care of and then I owe NO ONE!!!! We (my hubby, 2 children, and a dog) are currently living with family. We have been here for 5 1/2 months. It’s working!! I am having a yard sale for my sister tomorrow (she was told to leave so that she did not get misty eyed!!) She has not broken out of the old way of thinking yet! The entire yard sale is baby/infant clothes/toys/etc. She has had every outfit saved in totes! She says she is too strapped financially! I pray this yard sale shows her what a little effort can give you!

Thank you for your guidance and showing me there is hope.  God bless!


Pam here: I love the joy in this woman’s story. I love that she is not working for her home and car anymore and that she has no remorse over the loss of them. The principles in The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt gently guided her into seeing the whole picture of her financial situation including the why and how she got into the mess in the first place. I often ask the question of a person who overspends, “Would you give a nine-year-old $1000 and send her off to the mall?” Ultimately what gets most of us into debt is immature choices. Once you understand that your inner child is the culprit, getting out of debt is a matter of you becoming the adult again. When I discovered Nelly (my inner child) my journey getting out of debt was one of the best adventures of my life and it enabled me to share it with all of you.

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