It Helps To Know They’re Disorganized

Dear Pam,
It seems like every time I turn around I hear that I should love myself. I guess part of the reason is I love books on spirituality and there is a common thread about loving oneself in them. I didn’t expect The Joy of Being Disorganized to touch me with this theme, but there you were telling me to love myself too, only your book touched me with authentic love for who I am! I got it!

I have put myself down, I have beat myself up and I have treated myself in ways I would never treat my friends all because of being overwhelmed… but your book has changed me and the way I think about myself! I didn’t think about disorganized, successful people and what their secret was. I just assumed successful people were organized and until I was organized I’d never be successful. But to read about Oprah and Katy Couric, two of my most favorite people, and realize they’re disorganized!!! This was such an AHA moment for me. Thank you for writing this book for me! It was like two aspirin for a bad headache. LOL!



Dear Jen,

The Joy of Being Disorganized was a work of love for me to write. In my career as a deficiency expert, I’ve been honored to meet thousands of disorganized women. Their cries for help inspired me to look deeply into myself to find just the right words to heal. I discovered our gifts have already been given and when we switch from wanting to be organized to being grateful we are disorganized, something magic happens! I pray this book is an answer to your prayers. You can be organized, but this time it’ll be in your way and in your time.


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