House Fairy Worked Me Out of a Job

Dear House Fairy,

My children LOVE to keep their room clean and are so excited about you putting the picture of their room on your website. They will be checking to see their room.

At first they thought the house fairy would magically change their room into one of those rooms on the website, and my son wanted to pick his room like from a catalog. When I explained that these were children’s actual rooms, he immediately went to his room and started the cleaning.

Now they clean their room without being told, and they are much happier now.

Thanks for all you do, AND for working me out of a job!!!

Mother of Jade, Makaria and Princeton


House Fairy here: Kids are magically motivated to clean their rooms when they see other children’s clean rooms (and it really helps if they know I’m going to be making a surprise inspection).  It’s inspiring to see what another has done because there is something within us that knows we could do the same thing. Kids also love to be able to show their friends and family that their rooms get to be on my website. I suggest taking a “before” picture before you introduce your child to my website. Then once the child’s room is the way you both agree it will be, take an “after” picture and frame them in a frame on a hinge for two photos. Kids love to look at the contrast. When you subscribe to one of the House Fairy programs the elves can put your child’s room on our website for all to see and admire.

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