Whoopie! The Stickers Are Back!

EVERYBODY loves to receive money as a gift. Money, as a gift, will never be exchanged, returned, or discarded. Money, as a gift, just works! So I designed 88 sticker disguises: hats, glasses, wigs, jewelry, facial hair and clothing to exactly fit the faces on the $5 bill (Lincoln), $20 bill (Jefferson), $50 bill (Grant) and $100 bill (Franklin). FYI, you can disguise the $10 bill (Hamilton), but not all the stickers will fit his face because he’s turned the other way.

hunter money treeJust to give you an idea of how the stickers work, I made this funny family tree for my grandson Hunter using one twenty dollar bill and the rest fives (we give $50 for birthday money to our grandkids). I could have just disguised a $50 for him, but I wanted to show you some of the disguises and how Lincoln gets transformed into six different characters, and I only used a few of the 88 stickers that come in the package!
                 Nothing else like this available anywhere!

With Stick It Right On the Money, there’ll be no more driving around searching for a parking place at the mall. No more fighting crowds and going from store-to-store to find something that might be a good gift. No more bulky packages to wrap or ship. No more returns! GUARANTEED!

You’ll get to create hundreds of clever ways to disguise your gift of money, plus there are 12 sticker frames to hold the disguised money in a greeting card. (You can buy extra frames if you have more than 12 gifts to give.)

Your gift will be a smash hit!

I know you could just give a check or cash alone to the graduate, birthday girl, new mom, bride and groom etc. but with Stick It Right On the Money your present will be a smash hit and it will be unforgettable.

                                   Back after popular demand!

We quickly sold out this product a few years ago and we weren’t been able to reorder because of rising printing costs. I refused to go “off shore” to have more printed even with the huge demand from so many of you. The good news is that the amazing printer I used was able to make the package so affordable, because of new technology, that Stick It Right On the Money is back in stock, made in the USA!

The first one hundred buyers will receive three pages of bonus stickers!

Note: The stickers work with some Canadian bills but not all denominations.

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