The Struggle is Over


I just wanted to let you know that your book The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! (low-carb version) and all of the great information that you freely share on your website about low-carb high-fat eating has changed my life. I had no idea how bad high-carb foods are for us! Just by changing what foods I eat I now have lots of energy and I stopped over eating. (I used to pig out on bad foods.. a LOT!) My cravings for junk food are gone and the food I eat actually satisfies me! Hooray!! I lost about 25 pounds without exercising at all, which is totally crazy, and I am finally free from the gain weight/lose weight teeter totter that I had been trapped on for my whole adult life. That struggle is over! Thanks for everything. I’m forever grateful.



Pam here: I’m so happy for Erica! I feel the same way as she does about reading information that changes one’s life. If I ever meet Gary Taubes, I’m afraid I’ll gush all over him! His book Why We Get Fat and What to do About it, given to me as a gift from Flylady, absolutely changed both Terry’s and my life. I hope, if you are addicted to sugar and other high carb foods you’ll read The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! low carb version. (Initially I wrote The Mouth Trap from a high carb Weight Watcher’s perspective, because I’d used Weight Watchers to yo-yo my weight for most of my life. I did lose 35 pounds the WW way, combined with the determination to publish that book in honesty. But after the book was published, I started to do what all WW devotees do (including their teachers) I started succumbing to hunger. Until I read Gary’s book, I didn’t realize I was starving my brain of the fat it needs! WW shuns fat like it’s poison as it touts the theory of calories-in-calories-out.) As Erica has discovered, you don’t have to exercise to lose weight! Exercise to gain strength and stamina and to lose inches not weight!

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