Drink a Beer or Clean House?

Hey Pam,

I’ve only just started reading the Joy of Being Disorganized, but I wanted to tell you how much I love your witty and uplifting style. Like chatting with a friend and you create such an inviting encouraging space of acceptance that it inspires me to believe I can change somewhat enough to make my life run a little smoother and more peacefully.

I was telling my husband that after a very stressful day at work, I thought I would come home and drink a beer and instead I cleaned “like a crazy person” …then I stopped and said, “or….like a normal person!!” and we both laughed!! LOL…he said, “crazy for you!” Luckily he loves me anyway…but it is definitely the thing I find hardest to love about myself. I’m hoping the inspiration and motivation I am feeling already from your book will keep going and help me be more consistent. Either way, thank you for what you do!



Pam here: After helping women like Kaci for almost 40 years, I know the biggest hurdle SHEs have to jump over is loving who they are, the way they are. There are such huge benefits in being a SHE and they outweigh any negatives. I hope you’ll read The Joy of Being Disorganized and realize how precious you are in spite of your disorder. You’ll be amazed at the energy that’ll be unleashed when you start appreciating YOU. The book will give you a plan to get organized just enough to please you.

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