I Had Time To Spare!

Dear FlyLady,I am using the last 8 minutes of my Home Blessing Hour to tell you how happy I am that I did it! I have two kids and live in a pretty good size three bedroom three bath house and wasn’t sure if it would be possible, but it was with time to spare!

I set a timer which made me race happily through each step! Vacuuming was 8 minutes, then trash was 8 minutes. Mirrors I was unsure of cause every room has mirrored closet doors, with a microfiber rag only 8 minutes , then the dusting right at 8 minutes. I chose to split my sweep and mop cause I knew I couldn’t do all of it in 10. So sweeping 7 minutes and then mopping took me 11! Yay! These times are approximates, but yay it was possible! Given my house is in pretty good order from trying to follow the daily routine for about 3 weeks now. I chose to worry about any items that were in the way of the cleaning process for my 15 minute de-clutter later!

If not timed I would have spent all day doing this ! Thanks for the great tips, cause I am definitely a SHE ( sidetracked home executive)! This helps keep me focusedĀ  and relieves the anxiety of what to do and when to do it!

Thanks , Kristy

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