Can I Change around the BabySteps?

Dear FlyLady,

I was just wondering if there was a specific reason you put the Baby Steps in the order you did, or if I can move them around some. I started “shining my sink” last night (after a too long hiatus from doing the Baby Steps), but haven’t had much time to do a lot in the mornings before I leave for class ( I’m still working on the getting up earlier…), so I decided to focus on my before bedtime routine, instead. If I finally get up earlier in the morning, I plan to work on that routine, too, but for now, I’m just spending time on the other. Is that what you meant by just jumping back in? Is it okay to shift the Baby Steps around like that or did you have them in that order for a specific reason?

Thank you for all you do!
Fluttering college student in Alabama

Dear Fluttering College Student in Alabama,

Yes there is a specific order to the BabySteps but it is not set in stone. You are worried that you are not doing things right. Do you hear your perfectionism trying to rear its head? I can get caught by that perfectionism monster too. It took me nine months of practicing a new habit each month to get my routines to stick. BabySteps will get you there.

Did you know that you are already doing a morning routine; even if you get up and barely have time to throw on some clothes to get out the door? Your routine is basic. When you practice your Before Bed Routine it makes your mornings easier. I am very proud of you for doing your babysteps and it really doesn’t matter which step you take. Your Before Bed Routine is the most important one of the day!

Each evening you set everything on your launch pad; that way you don’t have to think about things in the morning when you are rushing out the door.

To tell you the truth; I have been very frustrated because I can’t figure out a way to deliver them to you on a daily basis. For now we have them on our website; Beginner’s BabySteps.


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