Trying To Find The Right Gift?

This is a testimonial from 2010 from a very happy gift giver.

Hey Pam,

I purchased the sticker kit for disguising money only I went one step further; I bought three kits, one for me and one for each of our parents. I use the stickers for all the adults in the family, because I’m so busy with the kids I really don’t have time to shop and try to find just the right gifts. Besides I’d rather spend time with kids than drag them to malls every time I need a gift.

The grandparents have been giving the kids money for eons and I decided both my mother and mother-in-law would love a set of stickers to spice up their usual gift of money for the kids’ birthdays and Christmas! Both our parents live out of state and I got a call from my mother-in-law thanking me profusely for the kit. She couldn’t believe there was such a product out there and wondered where I got the kit. (She wants to give them as gifts to her friends who hate the whole shop for gifts scene.) I gave her your website address. Thank you for thinking this amazing idea into a reality!

Erika J.

Pam here: I was just like Erika’s mother-in-law when it came to getting my 12 grandchildren presents. When they were little, it was fun buying clothes and toys, but as they grew older I know many of my gifts were the source of unhappy returns, drawers stuffed with unworn t-shirts and my biggest evil entity, clutter, because I couldn’t keep up with their interests. Money was the answer, but I felt there was no creativity in giving them a check. With the Stick it Right on the Money Gift-Giving Kit you get to be creative and have fun with your gifts of money! It’s that simple. Go here and see how it works.

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