Helping Others To FLY

peaceDearest FlyLady,

I want to thank you for giving me the tools to help my friend. She has a DS who is struggling with ADD. He’s in his first semester of junior college, starting a vocational series that he absolutely loves, and is successful in school for the first time since I’ve known him. We are all so proud of him!

A few weeks ago my friend and her son had a heart-to-heart talk. He is realizing that he needs help to learn to do the things “other people” do as a matter of course. He needs to take his medicine every morning and night and almost always forgets. He loses his keys and cell phone regularly. He doesn’t remember what class he has on a given day and forgets his homework. He forgets to go to bed, etc.  He’s a SHE!  🙂 Of course, his mom is BO and has no idea how to help him.

Her God Breeze that night was to talk with me about it the next day. As she told me about their talk, I nodded and said “FlyLady!” She’s heard me talk about you and has seen the difference you have made (however slight sometimes – you can walk through my house now!) in my life. She knows it’s not “just” housecleaning, but an attitude as well.

I told her about evening and morning routines. The medicine was the most important thing for him because that will help with some of his other problems. I told her how I remember to take my medicine (which I’m doing ‘almost’ daily now). She bought him a pill-minder and put it in his bathroom. Each week they load it with medicine and he can see if he’s taken the pills each day.

We ordered a wall calendar and she nailed it to his bedroom wall and wrote his classes on it and a couple of important upcoming dates. She talked with him about how to use the calendar and reported that his eyes glazed over. It fell off the wall after a few days and when she went to put it back up, she noticed that he had written in some things himself!!!!!!!  HAH!  It’s working!!!!!

She hasn’t talked with him about routines, but all on his own, he has started leaving his keys and cell phone and lunch money in the same place each night. He takes his books to the car each evening so he doesn’t have to remember them in the morning. He’s figuring it out!!!

Even if I’m still fluttering (and some days just peeking over the side of the nest) I’ve progressed enough to be able to share your system with others and say “Just try it. It works!” And it does!  Thank you for everything you do – you will never know the number of people you have helped!

Fluttering in Arizona

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