I’m Back To Taking BabySteps

Dearest FlyLady,

Thank you so much for the unexpected gift of your newsletter showing up once more in my mailbox. I have had a rough couple of years and had completely lost myself in the CHAOS once again. I have been diagnosed with both ADD and depression. I fell into that hole of beating myself up and so the clutter crept back in and the chores were not done.

Your messages have inspired me to get back to putting on shoes, doing my exercise, and shining the sink. I always recommend your site to others and I have given away your body clutter book to a friend who struggles with both ADD and weight loss. God works in mysterious ways and so I think that you are an angel sent my way. Thanks so much! I just ordered some goodies from the fly store to help and pamper myself. I can’t wait to get the dryer kit. I regularly clean my dryer vent too, but it sounds like your kit would work a lot better according to the testimonial I read. I sure hope so since I have noticed that my dryer is taking longer to dry loads. I’m back to taking baby steps…

Patty Kostka

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