I Have To Share My Appreciation

Dear FlyLady,

I just read your post about perfectionism and just had to say bless your heart!!!  I have been a FlyBaby since 2000 and your message has helped me through so much; 2 relocations, my mom passing away, breast cancer, our dear daughters marriage and now a new dear grandson.

I still needed to read this post today and smile, shed a tear and bless the young mother you were writing about. Haven’t we all been there and felt her discouragement?  Haven’t we sensed our loved ones frustration with us and wanted to throw up our hands in despair?  And here you offer your wisdom with a heart as big as Texas to encourage us to discern the truth and keep beginning again each day.

I just want to say I appreciate you!  And though I’ve learned so much and gained in wisdom and right action I still need to be reminded of this persistent foe of perfectionism, the harm it causes, and I still feel encouraged by your words reminding me that I can use my own head and heart and refuse to be broken by it.   Thank you so much, Marla, I love and admire you!


Barbara Burkhard
Fort Thomas, Kentucky

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