I’m Gifting it For Christmas

Thank you, Pam, for taking the time to write The Joy of Being Disorganized. It has helped me more than any of your other books. For Christmas, I’m giving my sister-in-law and two nieces who all walk in SHE shoes, a copy. I think it’s a precious book to give as a Christmas present because it will bring joy to my favorite SHEs in the world. I’ve made out the 3×5 cards for the system in the book and already my boys (both teenagers) and husband are helping more with the daily and weekly jobs!


Pam here: I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. For the first time I’ve written a book that makes a good gift. If you know of a SHE who is struggling with disorganization, a book that shows how to get organized can be offensive. The Joy of Being Disorganized shows how to celebrate the disorder and get organized just enough to please the reader.

I agree with Charlene, what better gift than one filled with joy?

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