Young@Heart: Twas The Aftermath of Christmas

I wrote this poem to help you remember what the holidays are really all about. I think if you read the whole thing and then take the three minutes and twenty-five seconds to watch the YouTube video; it’ll help lift your spirits. Oh, and you just might need a tissue.

‘Twas the Aftermath of Christmas

‘Twas post Christmas morning when all through the place
The family was reeling from the Christmas rat race

The stockings were gutted, the gifts all unwrapped
There was chaos, confusion and energy sapped

Mom was in her jammies with unruly hair
The kids full of candy, there was smoke in the air

From the thunderous fire, Dad’s cramming, The Cause
Of paper and boxes from his arsonist claws

And out of the chimney and up on the roof
Hot chunks of packaging fiery proof

That Christmas was over and so was the fun
The only thing left was to dial 911

Outside were the sirens the fire truck arrived
They hosed off the roof and the house did survive

But inside the home as dry as a thistle
The Christmas tree threatened to launch like a missile

While mom made a pile of stuff to return
Dad kept on adding to the fireplace burn

The kids with their soon-to-be discarded stuff
Hadn’t a clue when enough was enough

“Get’em to want it so much that they buy
Stuff they don’t need and never ask why,”

The result of this brainwashing marketing trap?
Shelf-sagging, drawer-bulging, closet-jamming crap

Toys in containers no one can get into
Not with scissors, a crowbar, a blow torch or Ginsu

So how in the world can this chaos be nipped?
No one wants his Christmas wings nipped.

Here’s the solution all tied up in a bow
The secret of Christmas in a song you may know

I chose Julie Andrews rendition so fair
Three minutes, twenty-five seconds she’ll share

And when you get stuck in the world of stuff
This song will remind you, enough IS enough

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