Join Me on the Red Carpet

Hey Pam,

I received your book The Joy of Being Disorganized as a gift last Christmas and it made such a difference in 2014! In fact two people who have known me forever made separate but the same comments to me. “You’re different, what’s happened to you?” My answer to both was the same. “I‘m happy and I’m organized.” Yes, Pam, I’m organized just enough to please me! I can honestly say that book has changed my life! What a gift you gave me!!! You gave me back to me on a red carpet.

Sally A
Tulsa, OK

Pam here: I love the image of seeing beautiful, talented, awesome, intelligent, creative women on a red carpet celebrating their blessings as well as accepting their flaws knowing that those flaws are a blessing too. In my latest book, The Joy of Being Disorganized I share with you what celebrity SHEs have in common and how they are successful in spite of their disorder.

If you are putting yourself down for being disorganized, you need to stop it and this book will help. Get on that red carpet with me.

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