Watch Your Mouth

Dear Friends,

Over the years I have noticed one major problem that we all have in common.


Today a testimonial has struck a cord with you! You have all been protective of this little inner child, I just wish you were as protective of yourself. My heart breaks when I hear you put yourself down!

With things Like I AM lazy, dumb, stupid, fat, not worthy, etc. You know the words. Any thing that comes after the words I AM; you manifest. So make those words count to lift you up; not pull you down.

I want you to stop saying ugly things to yourself right now. The next time you hear a negative thing come out of your mouth or in your brain. I want you to ask
yourself this one simple question.

Do I want this to be true???

I thought so. We don’t want any of these things to be part of us. What you think about you bring about. Be very careful what comes to mind and out of your mouth. It will come back to bite you.

Every time someone says something negative about you, you have to hear something good seven times to get rid of that negative feeling that was put on you. It is worse when it is our voice doing it. Let’s not do this to ourselves. It is hard enough, listening to others, We can stop this!  I want you to promise yourself that you will quit this habit of putting yourself down.

God loves us. We need to love ourselves, and when we truly love ourselves, then we can love others. This is the Golden Rule. Not worded quite like the Bible, but you get the picture.

Be positive and in the present tense. I am cleaning my room! My kitchen sink is shiny. My home is a lovely place to live. If you think it, then so be it.

We hold our destiny in our minds. So think those positive thoughts and negate the negative ones with seven good things.

I want you to FLY,

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