15 Minutes is so Simple

Dear Friends,

In our SHEness we don’t seem to grasp the simplicity of the timer. We automatically think (in our perfectionism) that keeping a nice house takes lots of time out of our day and we have to do it all at once.

We don’t need a solid block of time (a whole day to clean) to have a home that is hugable. We just need 15 minutes. All our lives we have lived in a frenzy. It is time that we stopped running around like a chicken with our heads cut off and just focus.

This is all we are doing; setting our timers for 15 minutes and staying focused. We are not racing the clock trying to beat some world record. We just want to be consistent with our focus and take care of ourselves at the same time. Being in a frenzy is not healthy. We are looking for peace not panic.

The beauty of our timer is that we don’t have to finish what we are doing. When the timer goes off; we get to celebrate what we have done and rest. Try it sometime! It is so calming. The timer is not a race! It is a focus.

I feel sorry for people who try to make this harder than it is. But it really makes me mad when they take something as simple as a timer and hurt my Flybabies with my words when they don’t understand the whole concept.

The foundation for what we do is loving ourselves. This makes everything work. You are not loving yourself when you are running around in a frenzy! Slow and steady is what gets our home and our lives in order. One babystep at a time. You can do this.

Our timer says. Just 15 minutes. In our SHEness, we don’t think that 15 minutes will even make a dent in it. It will and you will be so surprised at what else will happen. It will give you confidence in your abilities. Some days I use my timer all day long. I work 15 minute on my new book and 15 minutes on a morning musing and 15 minutes on the house; then I spend 15 minutes taking care of me. Because without those 15 minutes I start to feel tired. I have to refresh my batteries each hour; drink some water, get up and move a little, put on some different music and watch my birds. This is taking care of me!

Use your timer to get things done in a calm consistent fashion and to take care of you! It is a tool I could not live without!

Are you ready to FLY with your timer by your side.


Here is our timer, but any timer will work; you just have to set it to keep focused on your ultimate goal of Peace in your home.

You can do anything for 15 minutes! Now go Fling something!

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